The motive in the mess . . .


With an experienced egg scrambler on the scene, I reluctanly said yes to the surprise.  I could fake that the over salted eggs were delicious and that the creamer with coffee wasn’t too sweet – But, how much in the mood was I for a kitchen cleaning first thing in the morning.

I’d been down this road before.  My first pair of cookers also liked to do sweet things for me, that’s how I originally discovered the mess at the other end of the fork.

Even with this prior knowledge, sometimes you’ve got to ‘pretend smile’ and say “Of Course” even when you want to yell “NOOOO!” because that’s how I fed their hearts that day – overlooking how much work it was going to take to let them bless me.

Well . . . let’s just say, the breakfast surprise never really got off the ground, literally.

The simultaneous mega cracking got my attention.  Looks like the splendid mess took much less time to unveil then usual.

When Lil’ J pulled the egg container off the shelf, he somehow dropped the whole bin.

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So much for hot scrambled eggs!

My self-starters know my mantra, “solve your problem“.  When they saw me coming, they were already telling me not to worry because they were solving their prolem.  It took much restraint not to get in there and tackle that mess myself.  We all know that when little kids are done cleaning, it’s not usually thorough.

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A while later, I was given assurance from the duo that they had cleaned everything up.

It was now my turn to pretend like I wasn’t inspecting their work.  They actually did a pretty good job except for trace evidents of egg-white footprints and shells. I just had to laugh – Yes, there had been a huge mess on the floor, but so what; their motives were beautiful!

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God has been speaking to me recently about motives.

Messes are an important step of character building and life training.  Messes represent progress, and trying and failing and trying again – messes are just a part of life.  If we do everything for our kids {partners, spouses, friends, co-workers} because we want to avoid the mess, we stunt their growth by denying them an opportunity to practice.

Usually, it is our own anxiety that compels us which inturn, can lead to crippling results.  An overreaction to messes or imperfection may cause a person to eventually stop trying altogether.

My challenge is this – Before coming to a conclusion, seek first to understand the motive. When the motives are beautiful, give grace for the mess {or discreetly finish cleaning it up yourself}.

10 07 13_0068! cashm webAfter the exhaustive cleanup was complete, I received the bad news that the surprise had been cancelled due to a shortage in supplies . . .

too bad

I acted bummed out and told them I understood.

And the best part of it all, I didn’t make a single comment about the egg explosion.

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    Mike Briggs - I love that you “Love our Kids on PURPOSE! I’m thankful that our kids have a Mom like you!ReplyCancel

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    Barbara Bullis - This is my first time reading your blog. Wow! I was so impressed I had to sign up. It’s the first blog I have ever signed up for. I’m impressed with your story, attitude, love and lesson. This is the kind of thing I would have written about if social media was available when my kids were young, not just to capture everyday cherished moments but finding the hidden lessons. Good job mom.ReplyCancel

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    Jenni - As usual, I LOVE your posts! I love your heart and desire to love well. You help us all want to be better moms. 🙂 xxxooo

    P.S. I happen to think you are a clever and wonderfully talented writer.ReplyCancel

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