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Puppy Love {literally}!!

This bunch of crazies has invited another crazy into our Abode.  Miss Willa is 9 weeks old and is a mini tornado {sheView full post »

Photo Therapy

I needed some Therapy, Photo Therapy to be exact, and my Sicky McSickerson was stuck in a bed, sick with noView full post »

Lost in translation . . .

I said “hook yourself in” not “hook yourself up”! OHHH. . . Seatbelt wrapped around neck, notView full post »

Rock-a-bye Puppy

Good night sweet heart, well it’s time to rest. . . .  Scarlet is now four months old.    View full post »

Puppy Love . . . A Vizsla and her not-so secret flame.

If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right . . .  Scarlet and Pongo, soulmates.  View full post »

The game of chase . . .

The slide use to be the safe place to run to to find a resting spot during a game of chase – Not anymore! View full post »

Scarlet is Twelve weeks old . . .

And she is as gorgeous as ever –  I just wanted to smooch her face off!  I know the vizsla families canView full post »

Puppy pouch . . .

Journaling Reads:  I was so surprised that this busy lil’ puppy allowed the children to put her in this bag andView full post »

Puppy kisses, drool and hugs . . .

Who can resist the boisterous affection, excited greetings and plethora of kisses from the family drool machine?  WeView full post »

Puppy training

Scarlet is waiting patiently to come inside.   At 9.5 weeks, she has learned the command “OUT”.  When weView full post »

Nine weeks old

As many pictures as I’m taking, you’d think I had a newborn baby at home – she is just so beautiful,View full post »

I feel like a chew toy . . .

I forgot how much 8 week old puppies want/need to chew!  I keep offering her toys but all she wants is myView full post »

Can you say deliciousness?

I’d like to introduce you to our newest family member, Scarlet.  Isn’t she Yummy?  I have to admit that IView full post »

Puppy Coming Soon!!

We are surprising the children and bring home a new family member on July 01st!! Our family has had puppy fever for aView full post »